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Spring 2018 Testing Information
Published 2/22/2018 in Pinellas
Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, The purpose of this letter is to inform you that your student will take the computer-based Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) Grade 10 ELA Writing, ELA Reading, Algebra 1 end-of-course (EOC), Biology EOC, and U.S. History EOC assessments on the following dates: FSA ELA Writing Retake: 2/28/18 – 3/2/18 FSA ELA Reading Retake: 3/20/18 – 3/23/18;... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool Student Drone Documentary
Published 2/9/2018 in Pinellas
Drone Project Video A fantastic job by Pinellas MYcroSchool High School students and Ms. Cook and Mr. Vouglas in our science and math departments for getting the drone project off the ground! And to our Creative Tech/Senior Projects student movie crew under the guidance of Ms. Manyari for Drone Club footage. If you are interested in fun projects like this and need to earn a High... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool "Drone Wars" Project
Published 2/5/2018 in Pinellas
"Drone Wars" On Thursday, February 1st Pinellas MYcroSchool held its Title I Parent and Family Engagement activity: “Drone Wars” sponsored by our Science and Math departments. Students and parents learned science concepts of forces and aerodynamics, incorporated mathematics within this activity as they calculated for speed, force and acceleration, and participated in an obstacle course... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool Student Enrollment Warning
Published 2/5/2018 in Pinellas
Greetings Pinellas MYcroSchool Students, Parents, and Guardians, If you (your student) has not been in attendance since January 26th your enrollment at Pinellas MYcroSchool is at risk. Please return to school and get your attendance back on track to graduate. Please call the school immediately at 727-825-3710 if you have concerns. Steven G. Humphries,... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool School Choice Week 2018
Published 1/26/2018 in Pinellas
Pinellas MYcroSchool High School - School Choice Week
Pinellas MYcroSchool High School Celebrates School Choice Week! What is School Choice? School choice means giving parents access to the best K-12 education options for their children. These options include traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool Parenting the Love & Logic Way
Published 1/25/2018 in Pinellas
Pinellas MYcroschool Parenting the love and logic way
Love Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic Logic allows them to live with the consequences of their choices Participants will learn how to put an end to arguing, back talk and begging. Love and Logic® teaches how to set limits without waging war while avoiding power struggles along the way. Parents will also learn to teach responsibility without losing their child’s love... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool Summer of Success: Experience a Slice of College Life
Published 1/17/2018 in Pinellas
Summer 2018 June 11 - July 20 The Summer of Success (SOS) Program is a 6-week "introduction to college" for graduating seniors from Pinellas County high schools. High school seniors interested must apply and be accepted into the SOS Program. A slice of college life! Through this six-week program, students have the opportunity to: Attend SPC on a Summer scholarship Earn college credits Improve... read more ❯

Pinellas Technical College Signing Day 2018 for Graduating Seniors!
Published 1/17/2018 in Pinellas
Pinellas Technical College
Thursday, February 15, 2018, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.   * Scholarships will be awarded * Students must register IN ADVANCE to attend * Interested students should see Mr. Humphries for more... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool St. Petersburg College Workshop
Published 10/23/2017 in Florida Charter Schools
Are You Prepared ? Learn about the following SPC programs and campuses: ·         SPC Midtown: Learn about certificate programs that can be completed in as little as two weeks. ·         SPC Allstate: Explore careers, certificates, and degrees in public safety and administration. ·         Financial Aid: Parents and students will have the opportunity to meet with St.... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool ASVAB Career Exploration Assessment
Published 10/16/2017 in Florida Charter Schools
ASVAB Career Exploration Assessment Where: Pinellas MYcroSchool When: Monday, November 6, 2017 Time: 11:30 am – 2:15 pm (PM students should arrive by 11:13 am. AM session students please make arrangements to remain at school late.) What is the ASVAB Career exploration program? ASVAB CEP empowers students nationwide to discover their strengths and interests then map out post-secondary plans... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool Student Gallup Poll
Published 9/27/2017 in Florida Charter Schools
Student Gallup Poll 2017 Between October 2, 2017- October 28, 2017, our school will participate in the Gallup Student Poll. Gallup launched the Gallup Student Poll in 2009. Gallup provides analytics and advice to organizations around the world. The Gallup Student Poll is a brief, 24-item survey available on the web for students in grades 5 through 12. One time per year in the fall, the survey... read more ❯

Pinellas MYcroSchool Enrolling New Students!
Published 9/25/2017 in Florida Charter Schools
Pinellas MYcroSchool Enrolling New Students
On September 23, Pinellas MYcroschool was enrolling new students at Doc's Louisiana Boil, 3210 Central Ave. in St Pete. Everyone also enjoyed Free popsicles! All current Pinellas MYcroSchool students get 10% off all items at Doc's Louisiana Boil with photo ID or school issued bus card. This is just one of the many benefits from being a student at Pinellas MYcroSchool. Enroll... read more ❯

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